If you own a restaurant or commercial business that has a grease trap, you probably know that it needs to be pumped and maintained on a regular basis. Apart from providing grease trap service in Roseville, we also offer hot water hydro-jetting services for your grease trap and lines.

The purpose of grease traps is to remove sludge, oils, and grease from the wastewater that goes into the sanitary sewer. The grease trap catches these waste products while the water passes through without any problems. Although maintaining the grease traps is a smelly and difficult job, these need to be cleaned and looked at regularly, so they work effectively the entire time. If you’re a commercial restaurant or hotel, you will need a regular grease trap service in Roseville and an upkeep service to keep the trap system working without any issues.

Adding to this, if you don't properly maintain the grease traps, you could be liable to pay hefty fines.

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Grease Trap Cleaning & Pumping Services We Offer

Our team at Advanced Septic Service offers commercial grease trap cleaning and maintenance services. Hot water hydro-jetting is also available for interior and exterior lines. Grease traps generally need cleaning at least once every 3 months. The grease trap cleaning job can be extremely difficult and messy to perform, so hiring a professional and trained plumber for grease trap service in Auburn is necessary for getting the job done in a correct and proper manner, without causing any kind of damage to pipes.


Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance

Providing professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance allows you to remove all kinds of waste substances from the grease traps.

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Grease Trap Pumping

We ensure professional grease trap pumping services, without oils, grease, and other waste that will potentially stick to the tank's sides and cause a clog.


Grease Trap Hot Water Hydro-Jetting

Hot water hydro-jetting your grease traps efficiently will clean your grease traps, ensuring no clogs or issues occur. We specialize in hot water hydro-jetting.

Grease Traps Solution

At Advanced Septic Service, we provide the best grease trap services in Auburn for cleaning, pumping, and maintenance. Our experienced technicians work quickly and efficiently. We provide cleaning and maintenance services for any grease trap in restaurants, schools, hotels, or other commercial businesses.