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Advanced Septic Service Sacramento

Welcome to Advanced Septic Service, LLC

For over 25 years, our family has been providing customers with a much-needed restaurant grease traps and septic pumping Sacramento services. A septic tank can be a delicate system, with a precarious balance of organic factors, that must be carefully and periodically maintained. When the organic balance is tipped by poor or infrequent maintenance, the results can be very costly and problematic.

Advanced Septic Service, LLC is here for you, armed with the knowledge, products, and experience necessary to prevent such costly problems. We practice natural and non-toxic products while giving septic pumping Auburn service. What makes us stand out in the crowd is that we don’t make use of dangerous or harsh chemicals. Septic tanks should run properly, hygienically, and safely. So, scheduling septic pumping Roseville service appointments is essential in order to prevent the groundwater from being exposed to contamination, dangerous particles, and bacteria.

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Septic Service

At Advanced Septic Service, our expert Septic Pumping Roseville technicians have the proper training and equipment needed to meet all of your septic service and maintenance needs. Whether it is an emergency or routine service, don’t hesitate to give us a call and set an appointment today.


Grease Traps

Grease traps are a vital part of food businesses operating in Sacramento, Roseville, and Auburn. Regular cleaning and routine maintenance is a must for their smooth working. Schedule service for your grease trap with the professionals at Advanced Septic LLC.



Severe clogs in the drainage system can be challenging to deal with. Hydro jetting is the most effective pipe cleaning method for these types of serious clogs. With the combination of quality equipment and an experienced team of plumbers, we perform the job with the best skills.








At Advanced Septic Services LLC, we pride ourselves on our expertise and amazing customer service.
Our technicians provide expert hydro jetting, grease trap, and septic pumping in Auburn at affordable rates to make your plumbing system more effective and efficient. Call Advanced Septic Services today if you want the best service at the best rates.

Iven Couvrette
Iven Couvrette
I do facility management for a local restaurant group in Sacramento and we use Advanced Septic for several of our locations. They provide great service with integrity.
Jordan S
Jordan S
Advanced Septic is absolute quality and professionalism. They have been our go to for all our company jetting and pumping needs. Each time they are on the job they go the extra mile and are fun positive guys to work with. Excellent people doing excellent work!
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy
Advanced Septic did a great job at pumping out my septic tank for an abandonment permit. I needed a clean tank so that I could photograph a punctured bottom and the operator delivered! On top of that the service I received was prompt with next day service and a call that they were on the way. I highly recommend this company.
David Rudd
David Rudd
The owners are the best they're prompt they do a great job would recommend them to anybody
Jeff Gaustad
Jeff Gaustad
Great place

Fred H.
Fred H.
I thought I might need service a couple of years ago and just happened to call Advanced Septic Service. The woman (Victoria) was so nice, patient and informative and gave me enough information to realize I probably didn't need service just yet. But I decided that, when the time came for service, I would call them immediately instead of spending time shopping around. I am so glad I did. It's a family-run business with high integrity. Jeff (Victoria's brother) did the work and was incredibly nice and efficient. I recommend them without qualms or hesitation.
A B.
A B.
A year later Advanced Septic Service has come to my rescue once again. John arrived on time, and ready to work his magic. He had the tanks uncovered in good time and got to work emptying the tanks. John is not only efficient, but knows his way around the customer service end of things quite well. I am thankful to have found Advance and their great team. It doesn't get any better than this! Great service... great customer service... reasonably priced! Thanks Advanced Septic Service!
Duane C.
Duane C.
We use these guys for one of our customers who had both grease interceptor full of grease BAD ! They came and took care of the problem and did a really good job cleaning the tank after pumping it !
Abby B.
Abby B.
I had a good feeling about this company as soon as I connected with David on the phone yesterday. I was having some problems that I thought might be linked to the septic system in the home I purchased just 3 weeks ago. David scheduled me for an early morning appointment today. The 2 knights in shining armor, well ok, not armor...  Anyway these two awesome men in the pics accompanying my comments came out, right on time, cleared my septic tank, and assessed the situation for me. The advice given was sage, and the service professional. The price was right on point. They are the company to call for this type of work! 🙂
Bob S.
Bob S.
Very friendly people in the office and their driver was knowledgeable courteous and friendly as well...definitely give them a call..


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Brian M. On 07.20.2018

Advanced Septic did a great job at pumping out my septic tank for an abandonment permit. I needed a clean tank so that I could photograph a punctured bottom and the operator delivered! On top of that...

(916) 726-5150

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Throughout more than 25 years in business, Advanced Septic Service has acquired thousands of happy customers. Our dedication to their satisfaction shows in their reviews of our company.

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